Your remote working tool stack won't retain team performance.

As of now entire teams work remotely. Not being ready for this situation tremendously damages your company performances. Assess and optimise your employees' remote working skills right away to stay productive in these uncertain times.

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Raise productivity by 51% and team confidence by 71%.

What employers say.

'''I now realise that the whole team working remotely is in no way comparable to some teams working remotely every now and then. Remotely gave me very helpful insights into my employees' remote working skills, allowing me to focus on individuals and teams that need it most. It really helps us stay productive in this new situation.''

What employees say.

'''The results of the Remotely assessment shows which remote working skills you master and which ones to improve, for which you get practical tips right away. It's useful to know my strengths and weaknesses and also how to improve my skills the same day. I really appreciate that especially in these uncertain times our COO invests in our team.''

 Receive useful resources to help your team master remote working.

We help your team rock remote working.

Through 5 neuro-assessments games, 15 minutes, we help companies measure the 8 key skills their team needs to work successfully remotely together.

This is how it works.

Raise team productivity by 51% and team confidence by 73%.


Invite your team members to play the games. 

Let your current team complete Equalture's gamified assessments to analyse their remote working skills.


Compare results between team members and the industry.

Compare the results of your teams and individual team members to the Remote Industry Benchmark, containing desired remote skills levels. 


Improve your team's remote working skills right away.

Get practical recommendations right away to help your team members master the skills required to successfully work remotely.


A one-time investment to get your remote team up to speed.


€48 /team member

25-50 PEOPLE

€38 /team member

50-250 PEOPLE

€31 /team member

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In these challenging times, your team is more important than ever.