It’s your team’s skill set that determines remote working productivity.

Remote working doesn't have to be challenging as long as you are aware of the different skills required to work from home effectively. Analyse and improve your employees' remote working skills to prevent productivity loss in this all-remote environment.

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Raise productivity by 51% and team confidence by 71%.

Bernard Kochen, CCO @ Convious

"The whole team loved playing the games and after doing so I received a very clear report with practical tips which are directly applicable. Super useful to see what 'types' of persons you have within each team and seeing in one eyeblink how you can help them during this unexpected remote working situation."

Laurens, Founder & COO @ XYZ Dynamics

'''Very nice tool! It's very useful to reveal the differences in my team. With the help of the Remotely Report we can pinpoint exactly what we can improve in our team and how. Besides, it also reveals skills that we are lacking of in the team now.''

 Receive useful resources to help your team master remote working.

Analyse your team's remote working skills in 15 minutes through gamification.

Let your employees complete 5 neuro-assessment games that measure the 8 skills they need to work from home successfully together and get the results right away.

This is how it works.

Invite your team members to join the Remotely Assessment and collect all results in your own real-time, interactive Remotely Report.


We invite your team members to play the games. 

Let your team members complete Equalture's neuro-assessment games to analyse their remote working skills.


Compare and benchmark the results

Benchmark the results of your teams and individual team members against the Remote Industry Benchmark, containing desired remote skills levels. 


Improve your team's remote working skills right away.

Get practical recommendations right away to help your team members master the skills required to successfully work remotely.


A one-time investment to get your remote team up to speed.


€48 /team member

25-50 PEOPLE

€38 /team member

50-250 PEOPLE

€31 /team member

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In these challenging times, your team is more important than ever.